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10 Things Women Do that Damage Their Relationships

10 Things Women Do that Damage Their Relationships

Everyone knows that relationships can be tricky waters, and navigating your way through them without help can be a lot tougher than needed to be. Innocently, women can sometimes do things out of love in a Relationship that just annoy the man they’re with. So to help you out, here are some classic mistakes that women make without knowing.

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1 .Unvoiced expectations

Men aren’t telepathic, but sometimes women expect them to be. The age old pastime of expecting men to understand how they feel or know what they mean is going to put any relationship into more trouble than good. Men like to communicate directly, where words mean exactly what is said From time to time women expect their man to be aware of exactly what’s on their mind, or that something meant another. Women communicate using words and empathy with one another. They need to know that guys don’t have the understanding of that empathy, but rather expect direct communication. Expecting men to understand them when no direct communication was given, or expecting him to understand how she feels, can be unfair.


2. Mean towards other women

We’ve all seen it, where women can be malicious towards other women as if they’re competing against them for some reason? Where they quietly backtalk each other, or say passively aggressive comments about each other. This type of conduct really just reveals her unattractive side, and comes off as two-faced in his eyes. What men like in a woman is someone loving and caring and acting this way won’t put her out to be the loving and compassionate lady he most likely fell in love with.


3. Always Late

Typically women can take a long time to get prepared. Preparation should be made in advance so that she isn’t making her guy delayed, and screwing up their timetable. Where guys like to be in control, he may get annoyed because his time table has become screwed up. Because he has now lost that form of control, he then becomes frustrated. Not to forget that no one likes to be kept waiting for a long period of time, as men typically take less time to prepare and be out the door.



4. Talking Too Much

Guys like things straightforward and don’t really want to be worried by the tiny subjects in life. In their conversations the way they think is that it should only be mentioned if it has an important significance. With this being said, is easy to see why from their outlook, women can come off as too chatty. To complicate things more, men talk as a way of getting answers, women do so as a vent of expression. Because this diversity in the sexes exists, compounded with not being aware of this, men can see women as being too talkative.


5. Crowding

Women have an invasive way of overcrowding the guy they’re with. This can include placing their decorative things like plants and trinkets around the home, wearing their clothes, using his stuff without asking him. In the difference between the sexes, one of the biggest issues is that men need room. Not only can overcrowding be done through too much talking or time spent together, but sensitivity is needed when it comes to personal space and belongings.

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6. Wants to know everything he did

Relationships could be complicated sometimes, Women Sometimes wants to learn everything about their man’s past, especially about the ex before them. Then even though they’ve broken up long ago, she will go on evaluating herself to his exes out of lack of confidence.


7. Being Overly Insecure

Mainly exposed from comparing themselves to other girls, doing this too often can be annoying as well as just plain unattractive. Rather what can be done is to act self-confident and strong. This will put any woman in a more beautiful light and make her more enjoyable to be around.



8. Pushing him too hard

Being too pushy in demanding he open up too early is another no-no. Men and women deal with matters differently, and expecting him to open up on the spot can be too much. They need time to deal with things. Not only that but she needs to give him time to be vulnerable with her, trust takes time. Pushing him will only push him away Thus causing relationships to start having broken loops


8. Keeping him from his friends

Yes during  relationships it’s okay to expect more time and closeness from someone. But if she is hogging all his time and focus, it can put a wedge among his friends and her. Rather than aiming for all of his time and focus, it would be better to aim for a better balanced lifestyle, with boundaries and where her expectations of a relationship are made clear.


9. Those are the classic mistakes that women Makes in Relationships that can frustrate the man they’re with. The first step is being aware of them, the next is to find ways around them using ingenuity and knowledge. With this in mind, you’ll be sure to develop any relationship you’re in.

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