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20 Period Struggles Every Woman Has To Deal With

20 Period Struggles Every Woman Has To Deal With

Periods are always super annoying.

Almost every woman has that moment during her period where she just sits down, sighs, and wonders why Eve had to eat the apple. Getting your period always means that for a few days, nothing is going to remain the same. And the stress every woman has to go through, during those few days is just unbelievable. Here are 22-period struggles that we’re sure every woman can A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y  relate to.

1. When you realise it’s almost that time of the month


Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest


 2. When your period comes all of a sudden with no warning

Always comes like a thief in the night.

Surprise Bitch GIF

Image: Giphy


3. How you run to look for a tampon or pad before you colour everywhere red

‘Egbami o!’

Running Chicken Meme

Image: MemeGenerator


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 4. When you’re wearing white on the day your period decides to surprise you

‘It just had to be today?’

I made a terrible mistake meme

Image: Zikoko


5. When you see that the price of pads has gone up again

‘Does the exchange rate affect this one too?’

funke akindele meme

Image: Pinterest


6. Then the cramps come and you’re just like

‘Who sent Eve to eat the apple abeg?’



7. When a man says ‘I’m sure the cramps aren’t that bad, you’re just overreacting’

Men can never understand the degree of the pain and agony women go through every month.

Image- giphy

Image- giphy


8. When a random lady says ‘Oh you have cramps, eyah. Me I never get cramps oh’

And so? Who asked you?

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9. How you look at bae when he breathes beside you:

Image- buzzfeed

Image: BuzzFeed


10. Your constant emotion is:

I'm dying gif

Image: Giphy


11. When your period cravings have you stuffing your face with cake or ice cream like:




12. This is how your hands look when you’re taking a shower or cleaning up after using the toilet.

‘Who did I kill please?’

Image- giphy

Image: Giphy


13. You have to wear dark clothing to avoid getting stained

All the dark clothing will now be ugly.

small girl thinking meme african girl


 14. But you still get stained anyway.

‘See trouble o’


Image: QuickMeme

Image: QuickMeme


15. How you wake up in the middle of the night wondering if your pad needs to be changed.

You have to be constantly on guard.

Sleeping Cartoon Boy Meme

Image: NnekaOtika/Twitter


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16. You calculating when next you have to change your pad or underwear.

‘Before somebody gets stained’



17. When your nicest pair of underwear gets stained

‘Haay God.’

ohhh meme


18. When the period just won’t end

‘Can it just be over already?’

Bruh Meme

Image: KnowYourMeme


19. Then it finally does


I Made It GIF


20. And you have the wildest celebration, because even though periods are really stressful, you’re not pregnant!

‘Thank God!’




Ladies, what do you hate most about periods? Let us know in the comments section!

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