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4 Ways To Minimise Your Allergy Symptoms

4 Ways To Minimise Your Allergy Symptoms

It can seem difficult, or even impossible, to enjoy the outdoors if you’re sneezing and coughing and your eyes are watering.

So how can you go for a hike, take a bike ride, or even just lie out in the sun without having an allergy attack?
Minimizing your allergy symptoms
Outdoor allergies are usually caused by pollen and mold spores in the air. But there are ways you can limit your exposure to allergens and treat your symptoms.
Listed below are four ways you can limit your exposure to allergens.
Check The Pollen Count: It’s important to check the pollen count before starting the day if you’re going to be outside. You can usually find the pollen count through the weather forecast. Knowing the pollen count gives you a better idea of what reactions to expect. It’s best if you find a report specific enough to mention what kinds of pollen are most active.
Wait Until Later In The Day: The worst time of day for pollen and spores is in the morning, from around sunrise until late morning. If you are planning a day outside, try to make plans after lunch. Although it may be warmer outside later in the day during the summer, the trade-off will be fewer allergy symptoms.
Watch Your Activity Level: Working out can often be more pleasant outside. But it might be wise to limit the kinds of activities you participate in. Strenuous aerobic workouts cause deeper breathing. This results in more allergens being taken into the lungs.
Grow More Allergy Friendly Plants In Your Garden: If you have a yard or a garden, it’s worth considering trees and other plants that are less problematic for people with allergies. Some plants produce less pollen, or have larger pollen that is less likely to become airborne.

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