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5 Negleted Things You Should NOT Say To Your Man

5 Negleted Things You Should NOT Say To Your Man

I bet you’ve at one time or another heard a Nigerian woman spit out words to her mate that immediately left you cringing.

You know, those words said to a member of the opposite sex that perhaps should have remained in the mind, and not spoken out loud?

Yup, I’m talking about venom-spitting ladies who according to an article as written by Scophine Aoko Otieno and published on Standard, that got my attention. The article highlights some of the verbal attacks women should spare their men:

Don’t belittle his financial status: A man’s lifeline is his ego. Even those who are more like sissies want to believe they are fearsome lions. Just massage that darn thing. A woman who has mastered the art of stroking a man’s ego will have him eating from the palm of her hand and he’ll do anything to please her.

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Nothing puffs a man’s confidence than the bulge of his wallet. But a man with a tissue-thin wallet, without a cent to his name to even buy you a chewing gum, is a timid wreck. The last thing you want to do is rub it in his face that he is broke.

Comparing him with your ex:  Well, at least not loud. You can always make that comparison in your mind. No man would want to hear that a fellow guy is superior to him, in whatever department.

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“You know Sam used to rub my feet. You do not know how to treat a lady! ”  Shush, woman! That is not how to put it.

Include  his mother in insults:  So your man came home late high as a kite. You are super mad at him and feel like kicking him in the groin. Then he asks for food and you blurt it out, “Go ask your stupid mum for food”

Oops!  Girl, do not under any circumstance try that at home! If you must insult him, deal with him as an individual, no need to drag his mother or clan into it. Men and their mothers are like women and their fathers.

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