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5 Things Every Nigerian Needs To Know About Dating

5 Things Every Nigerian Needs To Know About Dating

The issue of love is a touchy one.

We all have different ideas of what love is. In a place as diverse as Naija, love means many different things to different people.

Just because we have opinions doesn’t make all of them right. Here are some universal truths about love that every Nigerian should know:

1.  Love ≠ Sex

In this part of the world, many people equate sex with love. No matter how great you are in bed, it doesn’t mean someone will stand by you or fall in love with you.

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2.  Love needs “Realness”

You can’t pretend forever. Who you really are will one day shine through. True love understands that you’re not a perfect person. So, stop faking it. Stop acting like you are somebody else.




3.  Domestic Abuse isn’t a part of Love

Some people often mistake domestic abuse for love. It is not! A person who loves you won’t raise their hands to you or hit you. Love isn’t the same as emotional or physical abuse.

Domestic abuse

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4.  Love is Not a Hustle

We have turned love into a hustling business in Naija. You’d see some women pursuing men who are clearly taken. Or you’d see men who are in relationships going after other women. If someone doesn’t make you happy, please leave the relationship.

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5.  Love has nothing to do with Money

This is for those guys who believe if they throw enough money at you, you will love them. Let’s not forget those ladies who only go for rich men. We all love the finer things in life. How much money a person has doesn’t influence the probability of you falling in love with them.




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