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6 Ways to Handle Anxiety on Your First Date

6 Ways to Handle Anxiety on Your First Date

Getting through a first date is a common source of anxiety and worry for many.

There may be urges to avoid dating altogether or settle for someone who you don’t ultimately see a future with.

There is really good news though. If you are willing to learn from each dating experience, manage expectations and recover from some bad dates to meet your Mr. or Ms. Right, you are bound to become a more confident and less anxious date.

If you want to conquer the usual anxiety that come with your first real date, listed below are six ways you can handle such as situation.

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1. Remind Yourself That You Are Conquering Your Fears: Despite pre-date urges to avoid dating altogether or cancel, you went on the date anyways. View this as an accomplishment and another example of how you refuse to let anxiety get in the way of what you want.

2. Maintain An Attitude of Curiosity: Focus on learning about your date by listening attentively and asking questions. Being curious makes new experiences more exciting and rewarding while liberating you from anxious thoughts.

3. Make Humor Your Friend: It can easily cut through an anxious moment or an awkward silence. Laughter is an instant mood booster, which is especially helpful if your date is anxious too.

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4. Stay In The Moment: Let assumptions, judgments and worries pass by, really engaging in what is happening then and there. Focus on what your date is saying and how you feel about it versus what is going on in your mind.

5. Be On The Look Out For Anxious Thoughts: When you notice an anxious thought, bring yourself back to the date by taking a few deep breaths (at least three) and reciting a positive statement to yourself. Try, “I can handle this and get through my date” or “I am conquering anxiety in this moment.”

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6. Let Go of Any Need To Be Perfect: Striving for perfection is commonly linked with anxiety. Perfection is an impossible task. Bring yourself back to reality and set yourself up for success by aiming to be your best self despite any self-defeating thoughts.

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