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7 Things Most Women Do That Make Men Lose Their Erection

7 Things Most Women Do That Make Men Lose Their Erection

As much as we may want to deny it, certain things turn men off completely in the bedroom. Most women think men don’t consider things and would want to sleep with them irrespective of their habits. This is a misconception as men of this age are more rational and wouldn’t jeopardize their safety for a few minutes between a woman’s legs.

Women assume that all men want is a warm hole to plunge into. Oblivion to this, every man wants a memorable encounter. Men want moments they could relish on lonely nights. This being said, there are certain things women do in the bedroom that makes men lose the will to get physical.

Men get turned off or go limp when they notice these things. Sometimes, it could be the words uttered by these women or something on their bodies. Irrespective of these, the things that could turn men off sexually vary from man to man. Find below some of the things that could cost a man his erection:

men loosee erection

1. Oozing smell

Depending on the personal hygiene level of the men involved, most men get turned off when they discover the vaginal emits some strong odor. A strong smelling vagina indicates something is wrong. The woman might have been infected with diseases and could put a man at risk of contracting it. Sex isn’t pleasant when the man can’t breathe in air without sucking in the offensive smell oozing from the woman’s body. It would be suicidal to give oral sex a shot in that situation.

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2. When she calls another man’s name in ecstasy

In a healthy relationship where the people involved are presumed to be in love, calling out another man’s name while making love would be annoying. Men love to be in charge when it comes to bedroom affairs. Having a woman moan and call out another person’s name not only makes them boil in rage, it also takes away the desire to make love to them.

3. Complaints during sex

Most men love it when the women give them positive feedbacks while having sex. They expect the women to scream in pleasure, wrap their legs around them, cling to them and moan with satisfaction. They basically love it when the women exhibit a level of dependency while they are making love to them. Whining and pining over pains, discomfort and not being satisfied turn men off.

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4. Incision

With prostitutes everywhere, ladies could go to the extreme in making sure they get hooked with the rich guys. Seeing incision marks around the vagina of a lady or on her butts is a major turn off for most men. While some men could be liberal enough to question the incision marks, others simply bail. Men knowing the implication of seeing signs like that could lose their erections and opt out.

5. Being set up

This is strictly for men who are players. Ladies, while trying to get even with a player could set him up with other girls. This move is basically aimed at embarrassing the man. Upon seeing the other girls, he may want to find an escape and lose his erection in the process.

6. Intense handling

While men love their dicks to be straddled and fondled, intense touching could take off the sensations and replace with pain and later make them go limp. When the men are touched wrongly or in a place they don’t like, their moods could get switched and make their erections go down.

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7. Attention

Any man could lose his erection over being ignored. Men are like babies; and in the bedroom they want to be touched and attended to every minute. When the ladies transfer the attention they ought to get to innate objects, they get pissed and the urge to have sex at that moment may be killed.

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