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Amazing Health Benefits of Onion Juice

Amazing Health Benefits of Onion Juice

Onions are definitely not a vegetable you initially associate with juice. Don’t get me wrong, onions have always been one of my must-have toppings on salads and sandwiches but when I first heard of onion juice I cringed a little. Just imagine the bite you must feel in the back of your throat when swigging down a cold glass of onion juice! I was more than a bit sceptical.

While extensive research has not yet been done on onion juice specifically, plenty of people claim onions have some amazing properties that are worth sharing with you.

Listed below are six amazing health benefits of onion juice.

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1. Promotes Healthy Hair: As an aging female who has always struggled with fine, thin hair, I was happy to hear that onion juice just might reverse that trend. If you didn’t know, onion juice is a great source of sulphur. Luckily for us fine-haired women, sulphur is one of the main building blocks for our hair.

2. Improves Circulation: As mentioned, the sulphur in onion juice helps improve your blood circulation. This not only helps your hair follicles, but also can improve your blood circulation in general.

3. Fights Bacteria and Fungus: There are several studies out there on the antibacterial properties of onion. According to Dr. Lee Falin, “a recent study found that when combined with garlic and lime extracts, onions can help inhibit the growth of certain strains of E. coli which are resistant to conventional antibiotics.”

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4. Contains Powerful Antioxidants: Antioxidants are an incredibly important part of good health. They are the only things out there that fight the free radicals that attack the cells of our bodies.

5. Improves Digestion: Onions contain an impressive supply of inlulin. According to LiveStrong, “Inlulin is a beneficial food source for the healthy bacteria in your intestines.” Having good bacteria in your intestines can help encourage regular bowel movements.

6. Regulates Blood Sugar: If you are one of the millions of people who have trouble regulating your blood sugar due to diabetes, incorporating onions or onion juice into your diet may help

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