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Apparently There Are 7 Very Different Types Of Breasts! Which one are You?

Apparently There Are 7 Very Different Types Of Breasts! Which one are You?

The results are in! There are 7 shapes of breasts in the world. Well, that is according to Thirdlove, a US based lingerie company

We have always being told to get the right size of bra to wear. Now there is is something new we need to learn – What shape of breasts do you have?

The company breaks it down and explains them in drawings to help you know that different types of breast require different type of bras!

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Take a look:


boobshape (4)

If your breasts are a round shape and are equally full on top and bottom, then you’re lucky enough not to need too much support. You can probably get away with a thin bra without underwire as you don’t need to change the position of your breasts.


boobshape (5)

If you have smaller breasts that gravitate to the outside of the chest then you’re an East West.


boobshape (7)

Side set breasts are fuller than East Wests but still fall outwards, and there’s also a wide space between breasts.

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boobshape (3)

Breasts that are smaller at the top than they are at the bottom and are longer than they are wide are considered slender, especially if they’re on the small side.


boobshape (1)

If your breasts are slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom, then you’re a Bell Shape.


boobshape (6)

If one breast that is larger than the other to some degree


boobshape (2)

If your breasts are rounded but slightly less full at the top then you’re lucky enough to be teardrop shaped.

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So whats yours?

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