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OMG! See The Punishment Edo People Gave This Serial Thief

OMG! See The Punishment Edo People Gave This Serial Thief

The spate of jungle justice meted out on thieves and common criminals by Nigerian citizens in different parts of the country has continued to grow with the consistency with which these crimes are committed daily.

Despite stories of thieves who were caught, beaten and burnt to death by angry mob or handed over to the police half-dead, many young people still engage in crimes such as theft and kidnap. However, while some of these criminals are lucky to get away with their wicked acts, some are not as lucky.

A social media user Kenneth205, shared the story of  Benin thief who was deserted by luck and consequently, received a gruesome treatment after he attempted to burgle an apartment in Benin, Edo.

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The Benin thief operating at the Upper Sakponba area of Benin City was subjected to intensive torture by an irate mob that tied his legs and hands to a stake as he was painfully suspended in the air with his face positioned downwards.

According to the eyewitness, it was suspected that the culprit raided a house in the area after he successfully broke into the apartment through the window, making away with valuables including a laptop, a phone and jewelries.


Continuing with his line of business, the unlucky Benin thief reportedly came back to burgle other homes on the same street where he lives at around 4am when he was unfortunately nabbed, beaten to a pulp and suspended in the air.

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He sustained several injuries as he was paraded naked before being finally handed over to the police for subsequent prosecution.

Reporting the incident the eyewitness said:

“About a month ago some theives invaded my friends house at upper Sokponba in Benin City, broke through the window, and made away with some valuables, his laptop, phone and jewelries, and yesterday at 4 am the same robber try to do the same to his street neighbors, and behold he was caught, beaten and handed over to the police.”

What an innovative punishment!

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