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Meet Bobrisky, The Proud Nigerian Gay Guy Who Bleached His Skin And Always Brags About His Sugar Daddy

Meet Bobrisky, The Proud Nigerian Gay Guy Who Bleached His Skin And Always Brags About His Sugar Daddy

Despite Nigeria’s intolerance for homosexuals, many gay men continue to daringly parade themselves on social

media, throwing all caution/ discretion in the wind.

One of such is Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, nicknamed Nigeria’s male barbie doll. Thanks to celeb fashion designer/ skincare guru Tiannah styling, he went from been dark to snow white. He has in the past advertised and endorsed her products in several Instagram videos including bobrisky cream,

Idris has recently been the subject of discussions online because of the very interesting videos/photos he posts on video/photo sharing social networking site snap chat, his before and after photos, his make up and well groomed artificial nails.

As expected, many shocked, homophobic Nigerians lambasted him and called him out with very nasty comments. Idris is however standing his ground on his sexuality and has addressed his haters on his Facebook page.

The openly gay ‘male Barbie’ wrote:-

Just dis week alone I saw myself on three blogs, bloggers are busying making their money while some jobless fool will sit down and type rubbish….as far as am concern I don’t give a f**k about any shit written about me.As far as am counting my millions and helping people d little way I can and also paying my tight to God. F**k humans let God judge me not humans we are all created from d same sand so no humans should judge anyone. We are all sinners no one is Perfect so no one should sit down and say shit about anyone. And if u are looking for someone to advice am sure he or she should have a relations.There is always an adages dat say mind your turn cloth were is turn and stay away from other.morning to u all.

See more photos below:-

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He is also said to have a ‘bae’ who pay his bills and openly gushes about him almost every time on social media.

In a recent post by Urban Gossip blog, he is said to openly advertise his ‘services’  and  even captioned a snapchat photo “f**k we are in a billionaire party”.

If you’re an active Snapchat/Instagram user, you must have come across or heard the name Bobrisky, or at least a
couple of his pictures.

Bobrisky is the male Barbie all your friends are following on social media, and according to reports, the most popular Nigerian on snapchat, excluding the likes of Davido, Wizkid and a selected number of Nollywood actresses.

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Both sexes love him for the kind of expensive and entertaining stories he communicates.

Born as Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, Bobrisky is obviously one of those children who grew up wanting to be the opposite sex, however, tried to contain that transformation until recent.

Bobrisky has been trending on snapchat for a few months now and has at least 20,000 views everyday, especially with his fans wanting to know who his bae is.

The mystery bae who he claims is Africa’s fourth richest man, reportedly gave Bobrisky 7 million naira and a benz. Bobrisky posted pictures of the money after cashing it from the bank.

“Their fada, f-ck haters with p-ssy and beas [sic]. My bae is mine for life. Bae called and said my baby hope you are okay. He said he tested me if I will complain about my apartment in Lekki. Another one will shock you my Bae is getting a lovely apartment at Banana Island. The manager will be wondering who am I to dis man. He is my God Father. Thanks my Bae. I love so much 7 million Naira. I love Bae.” He wrote on the snapchat photos.

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He claims his mystery bae also plans to buy him a house close to Linda Ikeji’s Banana Island mansion. We want that kind bae too! lol.

Bobrisky is a well known fashionista who likes to chat dirty and post raunchy stuffs. However his fans love him all the same.

bobrisky cream

bobrisky cream

Bobrisky is in his mid twenties and obviously gay.

Many believe he’s got all he takes to give Bisi Alimi — a very popular Gay rights activist — a run for his money because of his charming tone and complexion.

Idris hails from Ogun state, and currently resides in Lekki, Lagos. He deals on whitening/bleaching cream and plans to be a big competition of Dencia’s Whitenicious.

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