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MMM Nigeria crash?

There has been some reports flying around about a purported folding up of Ponzi Scheme, MMM Nigeria in Lagos which have sent “investors” in the scheme into early panic. EVERYDAYNIGERIA can report that the reports are false.

mmm nigeria crash

MMM Nigeria crash, Although this can serve as a respite, but analyst believes MMM Nigeria’s crash is not if, but when. Already, there has been been several warnings from Nigeria’s Security and exchange commission (SEC) and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to Nigerians against investing in such ponzi schemes.

Last month it was confirmed that thousands of people, among them civil servants and vendors, have lost thousands of dollars to fraudulent online pyramid scheme MMM Global Zimbabwe after it collapsed recently. The social financial network, which relied on an accelerating number of new members to pay off the old, abruptly terminated its services leaving participants stranded.

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Ever since the crash report of MMM Zimbabwe, many media watchers have been in anticipation of an imminent crash of MMM Nigeria; but that is yet to happen as at the time of filling this report which gives prospective investors time to think twice about the scheme before parting ways with their money.

However, MMM Nigeria’s crash is not imminent as predicted by SEC and CBN, You can Register Now By Using through their official website MMM-NIGERIA.NET


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Source: Payges.co

MMM Nigeria CRASH.


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  1. All of you making noise about a crash, is just a system upgrade, let’s be informed before we carry rumours about. Creating Panic in the Society.

  2. MMM NIGERIA is still working normal, those that looking for there down fall won’t get it. The system is upgrading that is why, we are experiencing some difficulties right now but no cause to alarm everything will soon be okay and perfect.

  3. Those that says mmm is crash in Nigeria are liars. Mmm is so courteous. Some people don’t believe in themselves how do you expect them to believe others. Mmm is real o my friend stop making unnecessary hullabaloo about it

  4. Check Ur accounts everyfn is aiite now…u can now GH.
    Guider chuxii

  5. Equally publish a counter article because bad news spreads faster than good news.
    If you are undergoing system upgrade, this shouldn’t have been done in isolation without letting the teaming participants in.

  6. This is not true. MMM is very much alive. Participants dont have to panic. It is an upgrade process leading to slow PH and GH. Long live MMM Nigeria.

  7. MMM is sound and healthy

  8. I love mom. God bless Mavro

  9. Enemies of progress. This is just a comic relief as far as am concerned. My best line reads “which we will not convert to Naira for the sake of our collective cardiac safety” The writer must be a comedian. MMM is Still waxing strong, we are over 1.2 M and counting. We are unstoppable. Long live MMM Nigeria. From Guider Chukwuemeka.

  10. But is it true that mmm has really crashed in other African countries like Zimbabwe and South Africa?

  11. There is nothing like MMM crashe it’s just a system upgrade,of which I was able to GH yesterday and I still ph more. Long live MMM Abeg for those of you panicking be calm MMM is still very alive To sir Mavrodi I love Mmm DIE

  12. Mmm will soon brrak many people’s heart and marriage. Soonest it will teach people bitter lesson. Be warned, stay away from greed.

  13. mmm investors
    What are you buying?
    What are you selling?
    That you are calling yourself an investor

  14. Am I the only one who thinks thr crash is inevitable at some point?

  15. Why don’t you just stop broadcasting what you don’t know. If people don’t know something, I believe they ought to ask. What is the tools that can crash in mmm that is in over 200 countries.

  16. Omo i no dey do again

  17. MMM is the best thing that has happened to us as a nation.
    Who PMB and him govt EPP?
    ONLY risk takers can succeed in life cos life itself is a risk.
    For those still doubting MMM, keep doing so while people are busy making millions.
    MMM Nigeria is here to stay, our motive is to take out the banking sector.
    God bless MAVRODI

    • Take over banking sector by accumulating huge debt for a projected unseen payer(investors)? When debts increased massively than expected creditors it causes inequality to the system and you have to pause to get accurate debts. You all knew it’s worst than poll, baba jebu, naira bets etc

  18. mmm is clear like a blue sky…. You what….. The future belongs to the risk seekers not the comfort seekers… Long Live mmm…. Together we change the world…

  19. mmm is clear like a blue sky…. You knw what….. The future belongs to the risk seekers not the comfort seekers… Long Live mmm…. Together we change the world…

  20. I’m getting GH today, Mmm is real

  21. Stop the propaganda. MMM is still helping people out of poverty.

  22. God bless MAVRODI
    God bless MAVRODI

    God bless MAVRODI

    God bless MAVRODI

    God bless MAVRODI

    God bless MAVRODI

  23. for those who are afraid of participating in MMM, PLEASE stay clear.stop creatin unneccesary panic.no oneis being forced to participate. to MMM.please carry participants along when u are doing system upgrade. long live MMM

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