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COUPLES: Should Your Partners Know About Your Finances?

COUPLES: Should Your Partners Know About Your Finances?

While it may be a beautiful thing to open up to your partner and not hold back, certain issues go beyond just trust.

It may be totally cool to let your partner know a part of you which other people may not privy to, however, sharing financial details has serious implications and could cause a strain in the relationship.

While you may want to talk to your partner about your earnings, you could avoid giving the precise amount on the pay cheque and give a range instead.

Although this could be faulted by many critics who believe everything should be black and white in love, it should however, be noted that certain matters require discretion in order to make the relationship work.


Over the years, the issue of sharing financial details and opening a joint account has left many in critical conditions.

Imbibing the act of saving is definitely helpful; however, savings should be made voluntarily from separate accounts such that there would be something to fall back on in cases of eventuality.

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Below are some reasons you should avoid sharing financial details with your partner:

1. Change in attitude

Knowing your partner earns more than you monthly could cause a feud between the both of you as it leads to him/her being under more pressure. The understanding woman you are dating or engaged to may suddenly appear as a gold digger as she expects more from you. It gives room for exploitation and in cases where your partner is a heavy spender, the relationship may fail.#

2. Shedding of Responsibilities

Letting your partner know how much you make is fraught with danger as they have the tendency to stop being responsible. Your partner’s commitment level to you may change especially if he knows you could be independent based on your earnings. They may channel their resources into other ventures. The financial parity if not near equal could cause a separation in class as your partner may eventually start to think he or she doesn’t deserve you.

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3. Archaic Thoughts

Financial transparency might have hit off decades ago, considering the couples who operated joint accounts then. However, that is no longer a trend in this day-generation. Sharing details about finances to a man may not necessarily interest a hippy young lady. She evaluates how detrimental the move could be before doing it. A party could decide to pull off huge amount from the account to invest in other things without carrying the other party along.

4. Makes You Less Vulnerable

People go into relationships for various reasons; going into a relationship for money or material gain is not out of place. Depending on what you want to achieve in that relationship, not disclosing your financial details may help you have a more settled relationship as compared to when you are being trailed by everyone because of your financial worth. Money has the ability to push people to beyond their limits; most people are lured into crime because of their greed and inability to resist making more money with little or no effort.

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5. Puts Your Safety At Risk

You should learn to consider your safety first before doing anything. If telling your partner about your account details would put your well-being in jeopardy, then you should desist from doing so. Having a greedy partner may put your life at risk as they could become criminals when a huge sum of money is involved. You never really know someone’s behavior until they are being tested with money. On the other hand, your partner may make boisterous remarks about you to the wrong set of people. This could lead thieves and fraudsters to your abode.

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