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Five reasons to send your kids to summer camp

Five reasons to send your kids to summer camp

Summer camp is a place where children and teens are able to explore, mature, and define their character. Kids learn to work together with others and communicate their thoughts and feelings in their own unique way. Arts summer camps help kids discover their voices and find vision and inspiration.

There are so many great reasons to send your child to summer art camp. The following are just a few:

1) Fun and Lifelong Memories: Summer Art Camp is by far one of the most creative and enriching options available. Most kids await summer camp with anticipation, excitement, and joy, knowing that the summer holds days filled with games, activities, and new experiences.

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2) Creative Exercises Help the Mind Develop: Summer Art Camp is a place where children will discover their talents, interests, and passions. Shy children or kids with low self-esteems can excel in the arts while gaining confidence in their own creativity.

3) Self Expression: an Important Part of Personal Growth: One of the most valuable skills a child can develop is the ability to clearly communicate. Arts and crafts can help kids develop the skills necessary to share their ideas, thoughts, and emotions.

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4) Teaches and Nurtures Responsibility: Ever battle with your child to get him/her to make his/or her bed or clean up their room? Eat breakfast? Pick up after himself? Summer Art Camp will require your child to organize their personal items, contribute to group chores, maintain his personal space, and follow a set schedule.

5) Education Opportunities: Summer Art Camp offers a variety of educational opportunities with its core curriculum approach to imaginative learning. Rather than spending three months completely removed from academics, summer art camp creates many opportunities for hands-on learning as well as more formal instruction, ensuring a smooth transition back to school.

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