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My Friend Is About To Make The Biggest Mistake
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My Friend Is About To Make The Biggest Mistake

This came in from a MJE reader who is very angry at the decision of a dear friend.. She needs advice, as she is lost at what to do…..

Read her mail after the cut

Does love make us do stupid things or we do stupid things and blame it on love?
I mean, how can your guy constantly cheat on you, and knows you’re aware that he cheats, and still claims to love you, and you constantly take him back.. Will that ring on your finger ever change the cheater that put it there?

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A friend of mine is about to marry a serial cheater, and I don’t know what else to do to make her realize she can do much better… She knows he cheats, but has refused to leave him..

He has proposed now and my foolish friend has accepted. He has used the ring to shut her up, and she believes that, now that he has proposed, he will stop his cheating ways.

I know how many times this girl has come to me crying her eyes and heart out over his cheating ways, and now she wants to marry the idiot.. I am so angry right now that I don’t know what to do to stop this girl.

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