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Gurls: Doing This 10 Things will Make a Guy Melt For You

Gurls: Doing This 10 Things will Make a Guy Melt For You

Have you been dating a guy for a while, but still don’t know quite where you stand?

Have you met Mr Right and are ready to make this a serious relationship? It’s not unusual for it to be the woman in a relationship who is the first one ready to make a commitment and wants to make it exclusive.

Men might need a little bit more time and might need some prompting, before they get there. If you want the relationship to really mean something, though, you don’t want to resort to underhand tricks to make him commit. Here are ten ways that you can nudge your guy into making a decision about exclusivity, without you needing to manipulate him.
1. Don’t try too hard
2. Carry on being friends with other guys
3. Get to know his family
4. Don’t be over eager to please
5. Tell him what you want
6. Tell him how you feel
7. Show your vulnerable side
8. Don’t obsess over labels girlfriend, partner, or any other such name.
9. Let him be true to himself
10. Let it go if it’s not going to happen

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