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GURLS: Here Is What your vagina is supposed to smell like…

GURLS: Here Is What your vagina is supposed to smell like…

Okay, so The Vagina is a hot topic. I Googled how many different names we call it and the number is up to 238. That’s damn ridiculous! It’s simply a topic that everyone LOVES to talk about. From the thickness (or lack thereof) of the labia (aka “lips”), the texture, whether it sports the puff or is lasered smooth, to of course the way it smells.

I remember having a conversation about vagina in the office I used to work in and one of my coworkers (and friend, you know who you are…LOL) smirked with confidence and advised that her vagina “smells like flowers”. Well, I couldn’t help but to break out into roaring laughter. Not only because of what she was saying but because my friend is a funny gal. I asked her if that was the case ALL the time. She closed her eyes and answered, “why yes”.
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Truly, I never quite heard someone say that before until then.  However, since then, I keep hearing the same thing over and over from numerous women. Women want their vagina’s to smell good. I get it. But to smell like a bed of roses? That’s NOT what vagina is supposed to smell like! What is it supposed to smell like you ask?

Vagina is supposed to smell like, well, VAGINA…better yet YOUR VAGINA!

There is a difference between wanting it to smell and feel fresh (free from sweat) than wanting that freshness to smell like a meadow filled with gardenias. It’s important to keep in mind that the smell can come in a range of smells and it changes not only with the woman but also the things women do. It’s unnerving to listen to what great lengths women will go to to ensure their “p***y” smells great. **Can women please stop douching, it does more harm than good by messing with the balance of good and bad bacteria** The smell  changes depending on where you are at in your menstrual cycle (please step away from the damn scented pads and tampons!). Some women have a naturally strong scent while others have no scent. Strong scents do not equate to bad scent.

We must accept our scent.

I also understand that while it’s not supposed to smell like fresh cut flowers it’s also not supposed to smell like Potter’s Cay dock or your local fish market either (which I recommend a quick visit to your GYN if it does).
Let the inside take care of itself and concentrate on the outside. To clean the outside of your vagina, all it needs is some nice warm water. That’s it! If you insist on using soap find a very mild one. One that will not interfere with the natural pH balance (personally, I insist that you keep it as natural as possible and nix the soap). Let’s also keep in mind that the glands near the vagina secretes pheromones that are meant to attract your partner. You don’t want to mask those by deodorizing it, do you? Think about it. This is one of the most the ways your partner will EVER experience YOU in your purest, most natural state. What an incredible thought!
I’m a natural gal. I allow my vagina to do it’s job. The vagina is wonderfully and beautifully amazing and it really doesn’t need much intervention. If it’s not doing so well, it WILL let you know.

Trust your vagina.

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