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GUYS: How to Ask a Woman Out Over the Phone

GUYS: How to Ask a Woman Out Over the Phone

When a woman gives out her phone number, there is a high likelihood that she wouldn’t mind being friends with the person she gave her number to. However, after getting a woman’s phone number, the thought of calling her may make you nervous if you intend to ask her out. Asking a woman for a date by phone requires you to follow many of the same principles you would if you asked her out in person. If she’s available when you call, confidence, respectful behavior and a sense of humor will open the door to a good conversation.

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Items you will need

  • Phone
Step 1Call at a decent hour. While you can’t predict her schedule, call at an hour when she’s likely to be free. Phone her at around noon on weekends or between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. during the week. If she’s not available, apologize and ask for the best time to call back. If she’s available, ask if she has time to talk.

Step 2Chat for a bit when you call before you ask her out if she has time to talk. Ask about her work, her interests and hobbies. Pinpoint what you have in common and talk about it. Discovering her interests gives you the opportunity to get to know her and provides insight on dating locations or activities that she’d enjoy.

Step 4Ask if she wants to continue the conversation over coffee or lunch. This simple, short date is a continuation of your phone conversation and an opportunity to speak with her face to face. During this short date you can ask her to join you for an event that caters to her interests.

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