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GUYS: How To Get Any Girl  Forming Hard-To-Get

GUYS: How To Get Any Girl Forming Hard-To-Get

Yeah, Firstly I will like to explain the main reason why girls like to form hard to get. Every girl has a self Ego and pride within them and don’t want to appear so cheap in front of guys. This triggers them to act in certain ways that make guys tag them as Hard-to-get. But with the following surefire tips, I bet you can get any girl you want if you master them and implement it in a very effective manner.

Consider that what you call “playing hard to get” might, in fact, be-

  1. She has considered that you like her.
  2. She has considered what you are offering her.
  3. She is not interested.

Which means that as things stand, you have no chance. Lucky for you, there are some things you can do.

Getting the hard-to-get girl is a romantic concept used time and again in movies and novels all around the world. It is very possible to get any girl you want even if she is playing hard to get. Men just have to be aware of how the female mind works and be respectful when approaching women. By using a few key strategies to your advantage, you will increase your chances of getting any girl of your dreams

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1. Use her curiosity.
Let her know you’re interested but invoke a sense of mystery. Smile at her from across the room without approaching her. She will expect a man to talk to her all night if she knows he’s interested. Approach her once, offer a polite greeting, then walk away. This act will establish your existence in a way that makes her slightly curious about you. Curiosity sparks interest, which leads to other feelings.
getting forming hard to get girls

2. Avoid physical contact.

Don‘t touch her too frequently. A girl who is playing hard-to-get needs her space. Too much contact will turn her off. Instead of trying to touch her, get to know her. Use this opportunity to understand her and get to know who she is. Find out her interests and her hobbies. Talking about her will end up being more endearing than trying to play a direct and obvious flirting game.Stop completely texting her or showing any interest in her for one week. I know its really difficult to do that. But stop.If she is playing hard to get , then that backfires on her.You will have an advantage. She might text you back if you are her interest, but maintain that you are busy.

3. Play hard-to-get.

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If you followed the steps correctly, she will be interested. Your main priority should be acting independent but still maintaining your attraction to her. Don’t completely dismiss her. You want to let her know that you’re still into her, but that you’re not letting the desire for attachment get the best of you.

4. Tease her and pull AWAY from her.

If she is really acting like she is hard to get, then you want to turn up the teasing a little bit. Build up enough sparks and sexual attraction so that you know you have her right where you want her, and then find a reason to pull away from her. This will usually snap the hard to get routine and next thing you know, she will be moving towards you.

getting forming hard to get girls

5. Show her that alpha male confidence that drives her wild.

Confident men are more likely to get the woman that they want, plain and simple. Seriously, all you have to do is to walk into a club and see which guys are actually getting somewhere with a woman, and you will see that they are all acting pretty confident. When she is playing hard to get with you, a part of her IS testing your confidence.

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6. And…she might actually be hard to get. 

I have a friend who runs her own business, travels frequently between multiple sites, and has more than a couple suitors, including people you’ve almost certainly heard of.  Oh, and she volunteers for a few causes.  She doesn’t have time to pretend she’s unavailable, as much as some of those suitors clearly want to flatter themselves thinking it’s all an act to impress them.  Your case might not be as extreme, but if you do like her, hang in there and accept that you’re not a priority.

getting forming hard to get girls

What you’re going to need to do is read the situation, possibly including (I know, horrors) talking to her.  Some people suggest changing your behavior to test the waters, but seriously, just talk it out if the answer isn’t obvious.  In person, I mean, not over a million of increasingly-desperate text messages.

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