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HELP – My Rich Husband Gives Me No Access to His Money

HELP – My Rich Husband Gives Me No Access to His Money

I’ve been married to the perfect man for six months and am standing on the threshold of divorce. My husband has money for everything—trips all over the world, gambling $50,000 hands in Vegas—but I have to fight him for a facial. He says I’m “stupid” and “out of control” for asking him for money for something like that.

My self-esteem is suffering (along with my skin and hair). I have no access to any accounts, no ATM, no cash unless he gives it to me. He tells me “money is tight,” yet our house is on the ocean, and his driver is always outside with his limo. He keeps promising to get me a credit card but always comes up with excuses. I love my husband. Can I stay in a situation like this when I’m not working and feel my self-esteem slipping?
What do I do? —In Need of More Than a Facial

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