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I didn’t know young girls would do that for money

I didn’t know young girls would do that for money

Hi kings, my cousin ask if I had 2000 naira, yes. want to see something strange?
At the age of 13 you bet I wanted to see. We went to a girls house and saw her preform. The first was taking the bed post up her v*gina, next she brought in a HUGE guy. she got him going and he mounted her. In no time he had his p*** hung in her. She laid down and so did he. She got him some beer and he let her go.
She told me to come over, she sucked my off. She told my cousin to get some. She spread her legs and let him in her.
We paid her 2k each and left right after. She was our age at that time. its strange how a girl is poor and so young do for money.

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