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Killer Tips to Make a Man Sexually Obsessed

Killer Tips to Make a Man Sexually Obsessed

6 Sexy Things to Make Your Man Sexually Obsessed With You!

Men love sex, especially when your able to make them sexually obsessed with you! trust me, they do. But it might be interesting to note that what a woman does goes a long way in determining at what level the man wants to have sex with you. You see, men are attracted to women who can express their sexual side without fear. The more enthusiastic
you are about sex, the more your lover gets attracted to you sexually. But that’s not all there is to making a man want to have sex with you over and again.


Below are 6 tips to make you a man sexually obsessed with you.

1. Have Exceptional Foreplay Skills… One of the easiest ways to make a man crave for you is to have great foreplay skills. Not only does foreplay get the man in the mood but also makes him anticipate the sex. You don’t even have to do it in bed. You can start way before you get physical by playing sex games with him. The primary aim of foreplay is to make the man concentrate on you entirely. Know his trigger spots and work on them when in bed. Suck his cock if that’s the way he loves it, lick his neck, rub his inner thighs, whatever you do be exceptional at it.

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2. Keep Experimenting… A man ceases to be attracted to you sexually once you become predictable in bed. Sex becomes boring when your lover knows what to expect once you get naked and intimate. If you want your guy to remain sexually obsessed with you, keep experimenting with new things now and then. Make the sex exciting so that it doesn’t seem to be a routine. Surprise your lover with new tricks once in a while. That way, you will give him a reason to always look forward to the next sexual encounter with baited breath.


3. Learn the Art of Talking Dirty… You may underestimate them, but there is nothing as exciting as using kinky words during sexual intercourse. Dirty talk increases the man’s urge to have sex. Cheer your man on when he is in the act. Groan, moan and sigh while you are at it as well. Tell him what you want him to do to you and how good he makes you feel. Dirty talk is one of the best ways to show him that you appreciate what he is doing to you. Nothing can increase the sexual connection between you and your lover than letting him know that he is great at whatever he does to you.

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4. Shift Away from the Missionary… Missionary is great alright, but that’s not all there is to sex styles. There is a multiplicity of positions you can use to bring excitement in bed. You may not know all the positions out there, but you can add a bit of variations to what you already know. For instance, you can enhance the traditional missionary position by sliding a pillow beneath your bottom for deeper penetration. Trying a number of variations is also one of the easiest ways to increase spontaneity particularly if you are in a stable relationship that requires some sprucing now and then.

5. Be Dominant Once in a While… Men love to be dominated in bed once in a while. This means pushing your physicality to the limit while laying emphasis to good taste and sensibility. Bring out the animal instincts in you and take control of your lover. When you take the lead, you can successfully fulfill his inner sexual desires and fantasies. In addition, it shows your man that you are passionate about having sex, a fact that makes him crave for you even more.

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6. Tell Him You’re Fantasies… Let your man know that he is all you want in bed by communicating your fantasies to him. By telling your lover what you crave for in bed, you are only making him able to satisfy you even better. Be honest on how you love it, because that’s one of the best ways to enjoy each other’s company, particularly in bed. Sharing your sexual fantasies will make your guy yearn for you as he seeks to keep you satisfied. The more satisfied he is…The more sexually obsessed he becomes with you!

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