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The Man Who Raped Me Is Literally Paying For His Crime….Monthly

The Man Who Raped Me Is Literally Paying For His Crime….Monthly

By Miss E

I was only 19 when I got raped by a 23 year old man. His younger sister was my classmate and friend, we lived on the same street.

I had gone to their house to check on my friend when he told me she was inside the room, I went to her room innocently not knowing what he had planned for me. It was a very horrific and traumatic experience.

I summoned all the courage in the world to tell my parents, I didn’t care what anyone would say, I just wanted revenge. They marched me straight to tell his parents.

After narrating what had happened to his parents, they called the boy out and asked him if it was true. He denied it vehemenlty, cursing and swearing. He told them we were girlfriend and boyfriend and that I wanted the sex. He told them I had agreed to have sex with him and that was why I came when I knew my friend was not going to be at home. My friend too insisted that she had told me the day before that she wasn’t going to be at home.

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Their parents told my parents they should go and press me very well to say the truth, that they know their son can never rape a woman.

My parents screamed, shouted and threatned, but when we got back home I was shocked when my father said I should not talk about it again to anyone as the stigma will not make me get a husband in future. They believed me but they were more concerned about me becoming a subject of ridicule than in fighting to get me justice.

I heard my father crying and praying for God to fight for me many times, my mother too was devastated.

I cried and cried for months and patiently waited to get an admission to a university so I could get away from it all. While away at the Univeristy, I later heard that the rapist relocated to Canada.

I carried that pain with me all through University and couldn’t really have an intimate relationship with a man for fear of sex and fear of being rejected.

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After I graduated, I was at home waiting for my NYSC, I was so lonely, broke and depressed and didn’t know what the future will hold for me.

One afternoon, I woke up to an alert on my phone, someone had paid 100,000 into my account, the name wasn’t familiar so I thought it must be mistake. Though I was terribly broke I didn’t touch the money until I was able to to go the bank to complain.

They said the person had paid into my account over the counter and they didn’t think it was a mistake, but advised me to not touch the money incase something comes up.

For one month I wondered who could have made such deposit into my account, but surprisingly by the end of the next month I got another alert, and a phone call.

It was from the man who raped me. He begged for my forgiveness and said though he has made it big in life, his conscience won’t let him have peace. He said the monthly money he sends is his own way of helping me…blah blah

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I didn’t say a word all through his rant, when I couldn’t take it anymore I cut the phone

He has sent several messages asking if we could talk, but I have vowed never to reply anyone of them!

How did he get my account number? How did he get my email address and phone number? How does he make the deposits into my account since he is based in Canada?

I don’t know and I don’t care.

It has been two years and three months since the first alert and it has not stopped for once!

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