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My Husband Ex Keeps Showing Up And His Family Prefers Her Over Me

My Husband Ex Keeps Showing Up And His Family Prefers Her Over Me

Dear MJ,

Im sure you get a lot of emails with issues. I hope mine reaches you. Ive been with my husband for a year and a half, and he overall a good man and a good father.

My only issue is his ex who is still around and not because of him, but his family. His mom tells me that she will always be a part of her life because they were together for two years. I feel like it BS, because he was with her at the age of 16.

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Me and him have a child together and are married, and I feel that it  doesn’t mean anything to her.

We recently stayed at his mom while our place was being renovated and his ex was coming over at odd hours of the night, like 3:00 am. I’ve argued with her over this because it made me uneasy knowing my husband is in the living room in his boxers and she in the house.

Even at last holiday dinner his family members were upset she wasn’t there because of me. His siblings say they would never pick me over her because she is their sister.

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And, everyone keeps saying she  doesn’t want him because that what she tells them, but I’ve seen messages she sent him on Facebook since he and I have been together suggesting otherwise.

PLEASE HELP! I dont know what to do at this point. He asked his family to end their relationship with her, but they just get upset with him. I know it hard for him too because he also does know what they’re holding onto.Please I Need Help on what to do. You can comment below.

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“ Wife Taking Over.

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