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Naija: A Slang Term For A Nigerian

Naija: A Slang Term For A Nigerian


Naija: A Slang Term For A Nigerian

A typical Nigerian… born and breed…
A slang used for a Nigerian
Way of refering to a Nigerian….u wanna know why?? cos nigerians are the coolest! holllarrr

  • That naija chick hot no be small!
  • We naijas drop it reall hot and solid!
  • naijas y’all know how we do!!
  •  Naija is another name for Nigeria, the patroitic name for Nigerians to show their strength and smartness.

Naija news

Naija can be a noun, and an adjective as well. As a noun, it is a name of a place, and as an adjective, it qualifies a noun.
Naija People
A place called Naija
#nigeria #omo naija #naija babes

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Another name for Nigeria (country on the coast of West Africa).
Also abbreviated as 9ja.
I am from Naija.
Artists such as D’banj are from Naija.
I have lived in Naija most of my life.
#nigeria #naija #9ja #west africa #niaja


She is the prettiest and sweetest girl you’ll ever meet.She has a big heart and will give everyone a second chance. She’s a big dreamer. She’s also beautiful inside and out. She is also one of the most creative and sweetest person you’ll ever know. she’s also very funny and she can just make your day so much better. If you have a Naija in your life keep her in it; you won’t regret it!
(Person one): Is that Naija?

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(Person two): Yeah and she’s definitely a keeper.

Naija is a wonderful place

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