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Reasons, Right NOW is The Best Time To Meet Someone New if You are Single

Reasons, Right NOW is The Best Time To Meet Someone New if You are Single

Right now may be the right time to meet someone new if you are single after the debaucherous fun and festivities of Christmas and New Years have ended, most of us enter a limbo period of hibernation until spring.

Our friends are lucky if they can convince us to come to the pub, let alone some gig or street food festival, even with the promise of meeting someone to do our hibernating with.
But once the sun finally comes out, so do our endorphins, making us happier in general – and more open to the possibility of meeting someone new.
Here are some convincing, spring-themed arguments that may just tempt you to finally make it past the tube station at the weekend:
You’re More Confident: You may have heard of the study from a few years back, dubbed ‘the Lynx effect’, where a group of men who were chosen to wear the fragrance rated themselves as more confident than a group of men who were chosen to wear a placebo fragrance did, and women found the former group more attractive.
You’re Following Biology:  It’s not just a fun correlation, but if you’re feeling a spring fling, biology might have something to do with it. Spring is the time of year when animals get back to the work of producing the next generation. It’s the result of biological impulses that have been followed for thousands of years. So, your body may be simply following its biological instinct to meet someone new.
You May Want A New Start:  It’s easy to be tempted to go back to your ex when it’s freezing outside and she’s only two Jacks and one drunk text away. But when the cold weather clouds part and you pull out shorts instead of layers of outerwear, you may feel the need to let go of the past – and start something new.
You Want A Partner:  As much as fun as it is going stag to weddings (cue the eye roll) and grabbing outdoor drinks with the guys, warmer weather lends itself to activities that are, frankly, more fun as a couple. If you want to ride bikes in the park, go for a weekend hiking trip or head to the beach to relax for the day, what better way to pass time in the sun than with a partner in crime? Springtime lends itself to more than just nature blooming… but love, too.

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