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Top 10 Relationship Advice To NIGERIAN GIRLS

Top 10 Relationship Advice To NIGERIAN GIRLS

These are the Top 10 relationship advice from Everyday Nigeria to all Nigerian girls out there. I hope this Relationship tips work out well for everyone of you reading this.


1) Always give him Space

If he doesn’t call you for Two weeks that shouldn’t stop you from not calling him – Its a Man’s world so anything he does should be swallowed hook line and sinker, after all if he doesn’t marry you – na una papa house una go die put  so manage and call him every blessed day even if he doesn’t call

2) Be loyal

Nigerian girls always be loyal to your man, if he beats you – wash his clothes, if he slaps you, cook for him, if he forgets your birthday – buy him a gift on his birthday – that’s loyalty – during the time of your mothers they were loyal so why cant you 21st century women be

3) Be patient

If you don’t learn to be patient then you have to business been in a relationship with any Nigerian man, because once we notice you ain’t the patient type we take to our heels, by the time 11 men run away from you in quick succession no one would tell you how to adjust

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4) Dont ask for things your father cant afford

This is the most serious of all, Nigerian girls don’t ask for things your father cant afford – all those ice cream, Mr biggs, shawama, recharge cards, Brazilian hair, daddy yaki, perfumes, even TEDDY BEAR should never be demanded from a man, you have a father – even if hes village based, carry your list there – angry the moment you start demanding be rest assured that we are gassing out from that relationship
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5) Dont Nag

Nigerian girls the minute you start nagging we would leave you no matter what, all those complaints . . errm errm who is this girl you’re using as DP, you don’t use my pics as your DP but you use other girls are all nagging once you start complaining and nagging, carry your wahala to your father’s house .

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6) Stalk him

Never you stalk a man, but we men because its a man’s world we can stalk you, submit your passwords, ATM pins, every other code out there but never you ask for our passwords else we would leave you. we can choose to even add you on Facebook if we decide to so stop stalking us

7) As far as he doesn’t cheat to your face, or take her calls in your presence don’t complain, manage it because your NEXT might be worse

8)Be Proud 

Be proud of him even if hes a Jobless to timing broke ass because hes the only one that could end up marrying you – you only attract what you get.

9) Be faithful

Durex condoms labelled Nigerian girls as the most unfaithful in the world and its so evident around us, Nigerian Babes if you know you cant be faithful to that man in your life then you have no business been in a relationship, you take pictures chilling in the bathroom of different hotels, you take pics with different seat belts in different cars (ARE YOU A CAR DEALER) and you claim you want a man who is faithful – Your case dey court ,lol.

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10) Pray for him

Not necessarily applicable to Nigerian girls cos most of them this december period are praying for a mugu that would fall into a trap for their brazilian and daddy yaki weave’s and as such do not have all that time to pray for their men. Nigerian girls please have these relationship advice at the back of your heart so you can save your relationships

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