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what age does a girl start to masturbate and how do u do it

what age does a girl start to masturbate and how do u do it

I’m a 13 year old and I started masturbating probably about 8 or 9 years old. I don’t think I realised what I was doing until I was 11 years old or something… Recently found out that TONS of girls masturbate, and have been since like 10 or 11, so don’t think it’s weird to want to! I know that I want a proper orgasm so so bad, and I’m not even a s*** or anything!

Normally I’ll just play with my clit, and I find it’s better if you watch some porn or something beforehand or just make yourself wet somehow. I can’t really be that creative just incase my brother or sister or parent comes into the room :/ so I try to hold my breath and only breathe when I have to (so I’m more quiet),I find  it also makes you orgasm faster if you’re in a rush. I generally do it at night coz then most people are asleep..

I’ve never tried this before but apparently it’s really good if you have a hand held shower and you put the jets under your clit and vagina. Or you can try setting your phone on vibrate and puttinng that up your vagina and using another phone to ring it- feels SO good.

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Sometimes I like to hump my hands or a pillow or something, and I find it really kinky to watch myself in the mirror and it makes me more wet, even though I’m DEFINITELY not a lesbian..

Basically just play around down there, experiment and see what works best for you! Hope this helps :*


I’m almost 15 years old.  I started rubbing myself at about 7, but didn’t properly masturbate/have an orgasm until I was 11.  Now I come every time I play with myself!  There are several different ways I do this:

1) My usual way.  I’ll be sitting in my room, doing homework or whatever, and will suddenly realize I’m turned on. XD  So I unbutton my jeans and begin to rub slow circles on my clit, through my underwear.  I continue this for however long it takes to feel really intense – usually 10 or so minutes.  Then I take off my jeans, turn on my fan to drown out my moans, grab my favorite teddy bear, and lie face down on the bed, humping Teddy until I have an orgasm.  I usually do this two or three times a day, more around the time I’m ovulating.  (Because that makes me turned on as all get out. :P)

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2) My second most common method.  I wait until everyone in my house is asleep, and I get in the shower.  I get some body wash to massage my tits with, just to get me extra turned on.  Then I put the shower head on the least intense massage setting, with the water lukewarm.  I position the showerhead so the water streams over my clit.  Gradually I move to the more intense massage settings, and eventually have an orgasm.  I usually squirt when I masturbate this way.  I do this every week or so.

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3) Another thing I do quite often – usually whenever I’m alone long enough to have the opportunity – is go online and watch some hardcore porn.  Then I masturbate just with my fingers, sticking my middle finger deep into my p***y.  Stereotypical masturbating, I guess. 😛  Takes me a while to come… probably because I’m enjoying it so much!  I only do this every month or so.

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