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Why Women Give Up On  Relationships

Why Women Give Up On Relationships

“Sex is so overrated!” is a phrase most common with the guys. Most women are known to be the cautious lot when it comes to matters sex. It’s unlikely to find a proper woman partaking in random casual sex.

At the same time a woman will know she’s going to have a hot steamy shimmy session between the sheets within 10 seconds of meeting you. Most women are had at hello. By the time a guy shakes your hand firmly, looks you in the eye, smiles and says hello it’s a done deal. She knows the sack will one day contain both of you.

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frisky-business-gone-wrong-couple-via-madamenoire-comEven if they know it’s bound to happen sooner or later, how long on average do you think it will take for her to willingly jump into the sack with a guy she just met? Well … A recent issue of Glamour magazine published a survey about the female approach to dating. Below are some statistics according to the survey:

*84% of women say that even if they like a guy, they’ll wait for him to ask them out.  But after the first date, 82% of women say they have no problem calling a guy first.

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*38% of women say they prefer to pay their own way on a first date.

*But 57% think that whoever asks for the date should pay.

*HALF of all women say they’ve dated two guys at the same time, and ONE in TEN say they’ve juggled three guys at once. 

*Nearly TWO in THREE women or 65% say that they would never date a smoker. And…

Overall, more than ONE in THREE women or 36% say that they usually have sex by the third date.

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